Akar: Türkiye is ready to expand framework of moratorium with Greece to military exercises

Turkey is ready to expand the framework of the moratorium on military exercises, acting according to an agreement with Greece in tourist seasons. This was announced by the Minister of National Defense of Turkey Hulushi Akar.

According to him, Ankara does not adhere to an aggressive course regarding neighboring countries, especially Greece. “Turkey is ready to eliminate disagreements with neighbors within the framework of international law and taking into account the principles of good neighborliness. We advocate the dialogue and peaceful ways to solve problems,” Akar emphasized.

The Turkish minister noted that Ankara advocates the transformation of the Aegean Sea into the “reservoir of the world”, as well as the fair distribution of its resources. “We are ready to expand the framework of the moratorium, operating in the tourist seasons. Athens are informed about the desire of Ankara to discuss this question. We are waiting for the Greek side. Turkey does not bear any secret plans,” the head of the department said.

At the same time, he emphasized that the Turkish Armed Forces will continue to defend the interests of Turkey both in the Aegean Sea and the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, including in the Cyprus region.