AKInci UAV successfully completed mission to detect helicopter crashed in Iran

Akıncı UPP, which discovered the fall of a helicopter of Iran President Ebrahim Raisi, after receiving permission from the presidential administration flew out of Batman at 23.30 and reached a crash site at 00.45. Visual contact with a broken helicopter was established in 02.36. UAV AKıncı, who successfully fulfilled his mission, returned to the airspace of Turkey at 06.45.

According to information received from sources in security agencies, after receiving information about the crash of a helicopter, which was President Iran Ebrahim Raisisi and Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahiyan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey on May 19, 2024 at 20:00 notified the Ministry of National Defense about the request of Iran to single out a night vision helicopter for search and rescue operations.

After that, a “Kogar” type helicopter immediately flew out of Diyarbakyr to van.

So far, preparations for the implementation of Iran on the provision of a helicopter were ongoing, at 22.20, the vinaturation of national defense received permission to use the UAV abroad.

from the President of the Turkish Republic.

– UAVs flew out of Batman at 23.30

Given the fact that the helicopter will not be able to fly out due to poor weather conditions, the Iranian side through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was transmitted that the search and detection can be carried out using Akıncı UAV with a high level of detection and viewing at night and Under bad weather conditions, and this work can be started immediately on request.

After the Iranian authorities accepted the proposal for AKıncı UAVs, the drone flew out of Batman at 23.30, reached the accident at 00.45 and began to work.

The information received during reconnaissance and observation at the scene of the accident was instantly transmitted to the Iranian authorities. In 02.36, visual contact with a broken helicopter was established, and the coordinates of the debris were transmitted to the Iranian side.

Through the representative offices of Attache, constant coordination was supported with all state institutions and Iranian authorities.

Having successfully completed his mission, Akıncı UPEP returned to the airspace of Turkey at 06.45.