Alexander Lukashenko: Uzbekistan began to download

In the near future, in Central Asia, a fight for dominance in the world between the two centers of power may occur: the USA and the European Union on the one hand and China – on the other, says President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

“Central Asia was, like us, between two lights: on the one hand, Europeans, Americans, and on the other hand, China, which greatly helps Central Asia. Survive, survive. This battle will be in Central Asia in the near future. Symptoms of this have already appeared, ”Lukashenko’s statement quotes Interfax.

The Belarusian president spoke that such a struggle will intensify during the riots in Kazakhstan in the beginning of this year. Then Lukashenko predicted that Uzbekistan can be the next point for provocations.

“We brought many facts to the Uzbeks, they even somehow offended me when I said this at one of the summites. And what happened yesterday? The Karakalpak Republic, about half of the Uzbekistan, supposedly something in the Constitution did not reflect in the Constitution (they will have a constitutional referendum), and she rose. No! Uzbekistan began to download. And today they begin to declare that foreigners had their hand there. They will not leave from Kazakhstan. There is a very difficult situation, ”Lukashenko said.