Algeria applied for joining BRICS

Algeria officially applied for the entry into the BRICS economic coalition. This was reported by the Egyptian edition of Shorouk News with reference to the statement of a special envoy to large international partnerships of the country’s Foreign Ministry Leila Mirrouga.

The official recalled that the country’s president Abdelmadzhid Tebbun was invited to the June Blok summit in China. During the summit, Algeria urged the organization to open doors for new members. This proposal was supported by Russia and China. It is expected that the application of Algeria will be studied by Brazil, India and South Africa.

In July last year, Tebbun confirmed that the BRICS group is of interest to his country. In August, he repeated his statement, noting that the entry into the block will allow Algeria to avoid participating in “bipolar conflicts”.

Algeria did not join the sanctions against Russia and retains a neutral position on the invasion. It occupies one of the first places in Africa and the Arab world for the procurement of Russian products and, along with Morocco and Egypt, is one of the three leading trading partners of Russia on the African continent.

BRICS – an economic coalition in which Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are