Aliyev: Russia’s slave claims territorial claims to Turkey

To make territorial claims to Turkey is a sign of inadequacy, said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the International Conference “Along the Credin Corridor: Geopolitics, Security and Economics”.

“At one of the meetings with young representatives of the Armenian public, the former president of Armenia Serge Sargsyan said:” We liberated Karabakh, and you will free the historical lands of Armenia located in Turkey. “How inappropriate to declare territorial claims to Turkey, whose army is the second in the world, and the state itself is conducting an independent foreign policy, ”said Aliyev.

He emphasized that all states are considered to be Turkey: “Even Sweden and Finland take into account Turkey legitimate requirements regarding the issue of asylum for terrorists.“ And this small, beggar, dependent ally of Russia, I would say – the Russian slave, says, saying that That one fine day they occupy Turkish territories. This is evidence of poisoned consciousness, ”he said.