Almost two million North Koreans fell ill with a “fever”

The DPRK registered more than 262 thousand new patients with high temperature and another deceased per day, more than 1 million 978 thousand people fell ill in total, reports the North Korean Central Telegraph Agency (CST).


as follows from the message of the CTAC “On the situation with the spread and treatment of pandemia”, according to the State Emergency and Test Epidemic Headquarters of the DPRK, from the evening of May 17 to the evening of May 18, the number “patients with high temperature” in the country increased by more than 262 thousand Man, another person died. More than 213 thousand patients recovered. The number of patients who recorded an elevated temperature from late April to May 18 is more than 1 million 978 thousand people, among them 1 million 238 thousand have recovered, more than 740 thousand are still undergoing treatment.

Currently, the total number of dead is 63 people. It was reported that at least one of them has revealed the variant of the Omicron Coronavirus strain Ba.2, the so-called “stealth oomycron”.