Altun: May elections proved faith of people of Turkey in democracy

Presidential elections in Turkey demonstrated the unshakable determination of the Turkish people to support the course on peace and justice. This is stated in an article by the Head of the Relations Department under the Administration of the President of Turkey Fakhrettin Altun for the Qatari resource Al Jazeera.

The Turkish official emphasized that both rounds of the presidential elections in Turkey were held in a fair and free atmosphere, in the presence of a high turnout.

May elections also proved the faith of the people of Turkey in democracy, he emphasized.

The representative of the administration of the Turkish leader attracted attention to the growth of the international authority of Turkey, which was the result of a thoughtful course of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to him, the policy of the Turkish leader extends further beyond the borders of Turkey and implies a contribution to the settlement of international conflicts and problems.

Altun recalled Erdogan’s call to reform the UN, emphasizing that Ankara would continue efforts in order to “reformat” international structures in the name of ensuring more equal rights and prevent insulation in the world.

The re -election of President Erdogan also testifies to the support of the people in the fight against terrorism, ”the author of the article emphasized.

In addition, Ankara will make efforts to solve problems such as climatic changes, food crisis, illegal migration and economic crises, Altun listed.