Ambassador Antonov: Russia does not plan to “invasion” to Ukraine and says Donbass and Lugansk Ukrainian

The Russian side does not plan to “invasion” to Ukraine and does not take it at the moment. About this Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the USA Anatoly Antonov said on Sunday on the air CBS TV channel.

“No invasion. And there are no such plans. … We are not trying to take possession of any territory of any country. I would like to confirm that Donbass and Lugansk are part of Ukraine,” said Antonov, TASS reports.

The Russian diplomat stressed that the issue of the situation in Ukraine is not key now. According to Antonov, it is important if countries will be able to develop solid security guarantees for all. “We want everything to be fixed on paper. We want to see legally binding guarantees of Russian security. … We do not want to observe the next Wave of NATO expansion,” the diplomat said.