Ambassador of Azerbaijan Jerusalem Post: Armenia could not fully confirm its independence

The Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post published an article by Azerbaijan Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Elina Suleimanov, which states that after the decisive victory of Azerbaijan in the Patriotic War, President Ilham Aliyev proposed the normalization of relations with architects, which is a rare event in the world’s scale. And again, Azerbaijan’s desire to put an end to hostility and hatred.

According to Suleimanov, Armenia was not able to fully confirm her independence, since, given the presence of foreign military bases and foreign border guards on its territory, which protect its borders, Yerevan is still looking for support from its patrons in the person of the CSTO, Iran and France.

The following the article notes that the recent decision of the Azerbaijani parliament on the opening of the Azerbaijan Embassy in Israel will strengthen the partnership between the two countries.