Ambassador of France left Niger

The Ambassador of France to Niamey Silven Itta left Niger.

The diplomat left the country about a month after the military administration presented him with an ultimatum demanding to leave Niger within 48 hours.

According to the French RFI radio, in the morning the ambassador ITTA sat on the plane in Niamea to go to the capital of Cad Njamen.

It is expected that ite, who will return to Paris by an airplane from Njamena, will arrive in France in the coming hours.

– the embassy crisis between France and Niger

The military administration, which came to power in Niger on July 26, on August 25 gave France to ITTA 48 hours to leave the country, but the diplomat refused to fulfill this requirement.

France stated that “the military junta has no right to demand the departure of the French ambassador,” and French President Emmanuel Macron on September 15 stated that the ITTA Ambassador was “taken hostage” and that food was not delivered to the embassy.

In his statement on September 25, Macron said that the ambassador Itte will return to France.