Ambassador of France was called to Russian Foreign Ministry

On January 19, the Frees of France P. Levy was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry, which was presented with the facts of the increasing involvement of Paris in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

, it was brought to the attention of the ambassador that as a result of a high -precision strike inflicting a temporary deployment of foreign militants in Kharkov, a group of French mercenaries was destroyed on a temporary deployment of the Russian Federation. According to available information, “about 60 militants died, about 20 were injured. Most of them were French citizens.”

The ambassador stated that the death of his compatriots lies with the conscience of official Paris, who is raising the work in the country of recruiting mechanisms, with the help of which mercenaries are recruited to participate in the hostilities on the side of the Kyiv regime.

“The west, including France, the” power of attorney “, the steady increase in supplies of the Zelensky weapons and military equipment regimen against the importance of establishing peace, provoke the escalation of hostilities, lead to many casualties among the civilian population and turn it into it into accomplice of war crimes of the Kyiv regime, ”the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry notes: “We expect that the wide French public will finally break through the truthful information about the real scale of France’s involvement in the conflict and will come to realization of responsibility for the death and suffering of an increasing number of people that it has to share with her authorities” .