Ambassador of Russian Federation to Austria: sending Russian diplomats from Vienna reflect course to break up relations with Moscow

The unreasonable expulsions of Russian diplomats from Vienna have become a sad tradition and reflect the course of current Austrian authorities to break relations with Moscow.

This was stated in an interview with TASS Ambassador of Russia to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky, commenting on the expulsion of two diplomats in mid -March.

“Unreasonable expulsions of Russian diplomats reflect the course of the current ruling elite in Vienna for the final dismantling of our once exclusively constructive bilateral relations. I can not consider this a completely conscious choice, not free, however, from the factor of external pressure,” the Russian ambassador noted.

According to the head of the diplomatic mission, the random nature of the proximity of the announcement of the sentence of Russian diplomats from Austria and the arrival of the US Secretary of State is “believed with great difficulty.”

“Unjustified to us about the” forced “decision, a couple of days before the arrival in Vienna, Anthony Blinken speaks for himself,” said Lubinsky.


According to him, the embassy also drew attention to the fact that it was on the day the US Secretary of State arrival in Vienna that an unprecedented “custom -made information campaign was given to discredit the presidential elections.”