American analyst: “What can European Union offer Aliyev and Pashinyan?”

that the European Union hopes to get from the upcoming summit with Azerbaijan and Armenia? And how can the EU participate in peace negotiations between the two countries? These questions are asked by leading world analysts against the background of the Brussels meeting Ilham Aliyev and Nikola Pashinyan.

According to, in the article published in the magazine The National Interest, three suggestions for the European Union are put forward. The author of the article (Specialist of the Center for Eurasian Research of the Atlantic Council (Atlantic Council) in the USA) Mark Teaminsky notes that the settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia will happen in one hour, but the EU participation can become an important step in the negotiation process.

First, according to the author, the EU should continue to provide financial and humanitarian assistance to try to resolve the conflict. To date, the EU provided assistance in the amount of more than 17 million euros, which contributed to the efforts and projects of recovery. Financial assistance in the future could also contribute to the post-conflict recovery fund, which could be used to restore infrastructure destroyed during the period of many years of occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

Second, the EU can give an idea of ​​the process of peace negotiations. Turkey and Russia actively worked with Armenia and Azerbaijan on the establishment and observance of the cease-fire regime. Turkey sent observers to the Karabakh region to observe the situation. Meanwhile, Russia has deployed peacekeeping forces. Despite these efforts, the cessation of fire continues to break.

Therefore, according to the author, members of Western organizations could expand their own peacekeeping mission to help ensure compliance with the cease-fire regime. These peacekeeping forces can cooperate with Russia and Turkey to guarantee the termination of violence.

Third, the EU should cooperate with Azerbaijan and Armenia in their efforts on economic development. The EU could create a development bank in which both countries would become shareholders. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development may allocate funds for Azerbaijan and Armenia to restore the territories affected by the conflict.

Finally, the EU could carry out joint activities with two countries to expand their trade facilities, which would help to stimulate the economy of both countries.