American expert: attack on Azerbaijan Embassy – Alarm Bell

The attack on the Azerbaijan Embassy in Tehran should serve as an alarming call for the entire international community, wrote the senior researcher at the Hudson Luke Koffi Institute in the newspaper Arab News.

According to the expert, the current tension between Iran and Azerbaijan cannot be overestimated. “

According to Cofffie, the indigenous reason for this tension is in the Turkmenchayan agreement of 1828 between the two empires – Russia and Iran, which established the border between these two states along the Araz River. “Millions of ethnic Azerbaijanis live in Iran, and calls for independence and self -determination are all the time, it may not be so loud. While Azerbaijan is officially refrained from public comments about the Azerbaijan minority in Iran, Baku is well aware of the situation,” Author.

He also notes that Azerbaijan, being one of the few, predominantly populated by Shiites of the regions of the world, never fell under the control or influence of Iran.

The expert, commenting on Azerbaijani-Israeli relations, says that both countries maintain close relations with each other: “The world’s largest completely Jewish settlement outside Israel is in Azerbaijan, and Baku supplies Israel about 40 percent of its oil.”

“In recent years, the relationship between Iran and Azerbaijan externally remained warm, but implicitly tense,” is emphasized in the article.

In the light of the above events, the expert emphasized the close relations between the official Tehran and Yerevan, adding that during the Second Karabakh war Iran allowed Russia to use its territory to replenish military reserves of Armenia.

“In the past, Iran used Armenia to detour international economic sanctions. You can also note the growing military cooperation between the two countries. Iran gives Armenia drones and anti -tank weapons. According to the US State Department, in 2008, Armenia even provided Iran with rockets and automatic weapons, which were used against American troops in Iraq, ”he writes.

“Since 2020, Iran has been holding large -scale military maneuvers along its border with Azerbaijan, which was not there before. In October last year, the Iranian military even rehearsed a military crossing through Araz. It is not surprising that Azerbaijan considered it a provocative step,” the author of the article emphasized this .