American scientist warned about threat of COVID-26 and COVID-32

It is necessary to thoroughly examine the origin of COVID-19, otherwise humanity may face COVID-26 and COVID-32, said the American scientist and one of the experts on coronavirus and infectious diseases in the US Peter Hotez.

“is the third large epidemic or a coronavirus pandemic in the 21st century (after SARS and MERS). The current is the third. Mother-Nature tells us about what happens: will be COVID-26 and COVID-32, if we are completely We will not understand the origin of COVID-19, “said the NBC News expert.

Hotzhez stressed that it is necessary to explore the “appearance of the outbreak” of the new coronavirus. To do this, we should send to the Wuhan city of Wuhan, where the epidemic, virologists, epidemiologists and other specialists began. In place they will have to collect data and the necessary samples, the scientist added.

At the same time, the expert noted that it would be difficult to get information about the origin of the coronavirus without cooperation with China on this issue.

“I think we should actually have a strong pressure on China, including possible sanctions that the team of outstanding epidemiologists and virologists in China received unhindered access to animals, people, samples and laboratories,” said Hotes.

Earlier, the White House distributed the release, according to which the proliferation version of the coronavirus due to PE in the scientific laboratory is not yet excluded. The words of the US President Joe Bayidna were given that the country’s intellistence allows two versions of the origin of the virus: when transferred to a person from an animal and from the laboratory; Within 90 days, reconnaissance should continue to collect and analyze information, and after informing the president.