An explosion occurred on railway in Samara region of Russian Federation

On the Railway bridge over the Chapaevka River in the Samara Region of the Russian Federation there was an explosion, there are no information about the victims.

“The operational group left. In the morning, information was received about the cotton on the Star – Chapaevsk stage, it is still unknown about the victims,” ​​the Russian state media reported on Monday, March 4 with reference to operational services.

The road fails in connection with the “illegal interference of unauthorized persons in the work of railway transport”, follows from the message.

Traffic traffic on this site was suspended, some of the trains were taken out of the schedule, no one was injured.

Five trains are delayed in total, the Russian Railways said in the holding. The company did not explain what happened on the road, reporting the “incident”.

According to Baza telegram channel, the sound of the explosion was heard at about 6:15 local time, according to preliminary data, a home-made explosive device worked.

BAZA published a photo of the bridge, which shows the rickety railway tracks.

It is reported that sappers and employees of the Russian Guard are working at the scene.