“Anadola” captured work of mortar calculations of Armed Forces in Zaporozhye

The film crew of the Anadolu agency (AA) visited the location of mortar units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Zaporizhzhya Front.

AA operators captured the work of Ukrainian mortars.

APU departed in Zaporozhye actively use mortar systems along with combat aircraft, helicopters, tanks, artillery and other weapons.

ANADOLOM CROWERS Preparing reports from various regions of military operations in Ukraine. This time, AA correspondents with the help of the Ukrainian military visited the front line in Zaporozhye.

In the region, severe traces of the war are visible, you can notice around the car burning or exploded as a result of fierce clashes.

It is noteworthy that mortar batteries installed on the front line are effectively disguised. The maximum precautions are taken in case of UAV attack.

Ukrainian mortar units on the Zaporizhzhya Front are fired with the support of infantry.

Anadolu agency talked with the commander of the mortar battery under the call sign of Ricky. The 28-year-old military serves in the 65th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“We repel the total attacks of the Russian army, defend our positions and support the promotion of our infantry,” said the soldier.

According to him, Ukrainian troops at the front line are in good coherent. “We protect our infantry, and they protect us,” says Ricky.

According to the military, his group uses the Italian 120-mm MOD63 mortar with a firing range of up to 7 kilometers.

He explained that a team of at least 3-4 people is needed to work with this weapon.