Anatolian leopard was seen in south of Turkey

In the south of Turkey, the Anatoly Leopard or Panthera Pardus Tulliana, which is at risk of extinction, was noticed.

The leopard fell into the lens of the camera of professional photographer Hamit Yalchyn in a wooded area. On the frames, the predator rests in the shadow of the tree.

Anatolian leopard is listed in the red list of the international nature protection community that is threatened by disappearance (IUCN List of Threatened Species).

The leopard is most common among all 36 types of cat family, as well as a more widely affordable range of food. Leopard populations are threatened by the loss of habitat and fragmentation.

In Turkey, the Anatoly Leopard, who was killed in 1974 in the Baypazara region in Ankara, was considered the last individual of this species that died out in the country.

However, employees of the Main Directorate of the Protection of Nature and National Parks of Turkey (DKMP) later revealed traces of the Anatolian leopard in Turkey forests and began to identify its habitat and preserve this rare type of leopard.