And other Russian deputy called for Denazification of Poland, Baltic States and Kazakhstan

As previously reported, a deputy of a district council of the Voronezh region from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nina Belyaeva made a speech against the war in Ukraine. According to changes in Russian legislation, the deputy may be brought to criminal liability.

But another deputy from the Communist Party – Belyaeva colleague showed civil consciousness and encouraged to expand the Denazification and demilitarization area, begun in Russia.

Deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (Communist Party) Sergey Savostyanov, meeting in the Moscow City Duma, called “denaticize” and “demilitarize” Kazakhstan following the example of Ukraine, reports Kazakh telegraph agency KazTag.

“Demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine will provide sustainable safety to the peoples of Ukraine, Russia and all of Europe. For a more complete process of ensuring the safety of the Russian Federation, in addition to Ukraine, I believe it is appropriate to include the Baltic States, Poland, Moldova and Kazakhstan,” the document says Signaty Savostyanov.

The document published on its social network page Member of the Federal Bureau – Deputy Head of the Moscow Branch of the Russian Party “Apple” Kirill Goncharov.

“shads”, – commented on the idea of ​​Savostyanov himself of the goncharov.