And Rahmon sent his troops to Kazakhstan

Aircraft of the Russian Federation IL-76, which delivers military Tajikistan from the CSTO forces, flew from the Gissar airfield. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“Russian military transport aircraft is carried out by the transfer of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Tajikistan from the composition of the CSTO’s peacekeeping forces to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Military transport aircraft IL-76 ACS Russia with a division of the peacekeeping contingent of Tajikistan from the composition of the CSTO peacekeeping forces flew from Gissar Airport of the Republic of Tajikistan In the Republic of Kazakhstan, “- said in the sentence.

Note that earlier today it became known that Tajikistan will send about 200 of its military personnel to Kazakhstan in the composition of the CSTO peacemaking forces.