Andrey Shevchenko was elected President of Ukrainian Association of Football

football player and coach Andrei Shevchenko was elected President of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF).

In the UAF report, it is noted that at the XXVI Congress, Shevchenko was elected president, who entered the election as the only candidate.

As reported on the website of the Association, the 93 delegate of the Congress from 94 was cast for Shevchenko. Shevchenko himself, who is also a delegate of Congress, did not take part in the vote.

Shevchenko is the five -time champion of Ukraine, Italian football champion. In 2003 he became the first Ukrainian to win the Champions League. He is also the owner of the Golden Ball (2004) – a prize that is awarded to the best football player in Europe.

During 2016-2021, Shevchenko served as the head coach of the National team of Ukraine, which under his leadership made their way to Euro 2020, which entered the eight of the best teams.

Shevchenko is also the owner of the title of the best scorer of the Ukrainian national team, where he scored 48 goals in 111 matches.