Ankara commented on an air operation in north of Iraq

The Head of the Directorate of the Administration of the President of Turkey, Fakhretin Altun, commented on the operation of the Turkish Air Force on Sunday against the terrorist organization of the RSC in the north of Iraq.

“Successful air operations carried out by our heroic army against the separatist terrorist organization in the north of Iraq became an important indicator that we will continue to endure terrorism not only within our country, but also beyond its borders,” Altun wrote in social networks x.

According to him, the mentioned operation was another serious blow to the bloody group.

He emphasized that the Turkish security forces will make all the necessary efforts to develop progress, achieved in recent years, Turkey in the fight against terrorism, and achieve success in the strategy for eliminating terrorism in its source.

Altun noted that Ankara is aimed at “not leaving a single terrorist that threatens the national security of Turkey.”

Earlier, the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey reported an air operation against the terrorists of the RSC in the areas of Metin, Hakurk, Kandil and Gara in the north of Iraq. During the flight, 20 goals of a terrorist organization were destroyed.