Ankara commented on possibility of using S-400

Türkiye is ready, if necessary, to apply the S-400 air defense systems acquired from Russia. This was stated by the Minister of National Defense of the country Yashar Guler.

“We work around the clock for the safety of this country. We cannot buy the S -400 and move them into a corner. When we need it, we will click on the button and all the curious will see what will happen,” the minister said during the performance in the parliament countries.

The head of the department also said that Turkey plans to purchase a total of 40 Eurofighter Typhoon fighters. “We want to buy Eurofighter. This is a very effective plane. These aircraft are associated with Great Britain, Germany and Spain,” he said.

According to him, London and Madrid have positively reacted to Ankara’s intention, and now there is work to “convince Germany.”

He added that the F-16 and F-4 aircraft in the service of the Turkish Air Force are enough to carry out the necessary tasks.

“But, of course, we look further. For this, we submitted an application to the F-35, but some problems arose with the F-35. We are also working on alternatives,” Guller explained.