Ankara condemned act of vandalism in Turkish cemetery in Greece

Ankara decisively condemns the destruction of the tombstone in the Turkish cemetery in Western Thrace. This was stated by the official representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Tanju Bilgich.

“We expect the Greek authorities to detain the attackers and bring them accountable as soon as possible, so that they bear the well -deserved punishment and clarify the causes of the incident,” Bilgich said.

“The fact that, against the backdrop of Islamophobia growing throughout Europe, even Muslim cemeteries become objects of attacks, demonstrates the importance and urgency of the struggle to protect our universal values,” the statement emphasizes.

The representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry called on Athens to take the necessary measures in order to prevent such acts in the future, as well as ensure the peaceful and safe residence of the Turkish minority of Western Thrace.

At the same time, the diplomat noted that in Ankara they took note of the statement of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Greece of Greece regarding the “disgusting incident”, which states that the investigation has begun in connection with what happened.

In the Turkish Foreign Policy Department, they expressed sympathy for compatriots living in Western Thrace.

Last weekend, unknown people damaged the tombstones in the cemetery of the Turkish minority in Narlykee in Western Thrace.