Ankara condemned “vile attacks” to Holy Quran in front of Turkish embassy in Hague

Turkey decisively condemns “vile attacks” into the Holy Quran committed on Saturday, September 23 in the Hague, to the embassies of some member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, including the Dipmission of Turkey.

“We condemn the growing spread of these provocative attacks in European countries and the permissibility of these acts of hatred under the cover of freedom of expression,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in the statement of the Foreign Ministry.

The department specified that these attacks are aimed at humiliation of religion and its believers.

Foreign Ministry urged countries to take effective measures against such provocations that are considered by the UN as religious hatred and violation of international law.

“We call the authorities of the Netherlands, with whom we took measures against these attacks, take the necessary measures against the culprit of the incident and take precautions to prevent the repetition of such incidents,” the statement emphasizes.

Turkey will decisively continue the fight against this “sick and mentality based on hatred” on all platforms, noted in the Foreign Ministry.