Ankara declared Moscow’s readiness for her mediation in negotiations with Kiev

Russia does not completely refuse to the perspective of negotiations with Ukraine with the mediation of Turkey, said Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlyut Chavushoglu on the air of the TRT TV channel.

Ukraine reacted positively to our initiative to negotiate with Russia. Russia does not close the doors to participate in such a meeting. But discussions continue, including the dates. Turkey intends to discuss Ankara’s participation in the near future with Russia In relations between Kiev and Moscow, “- quotes Chavushoglu TASS.

The Minister noted that the statements of a number of Western countries that Russia can invade Ukraine, lead only to the growth of panic and the deterioration of the economic situation there: “An unnecessary statements should be avoided. Statements that today Russia will invade [Ukraine] Tomorrow will cause excitement in Ukraine. It also makes economic damage to Ukraine and its national currency. We see that this picture is not true. Is there any tension? is. Is there an opportunity to conflict? is. But you do not need to voice it with megaphone diplomacy how do some western countries make. “

Chavushoglu stressed that Turkey stands for a dialogue with Russia.