Ankara expects to clarify circumstances of death of ethnic Turks in fire in Zolingen

Turkey expects to clarify the circumstances of the fire in the city of Zolingen in Germany, which claimed the life of four ethnic Turks.

Diplomatic sources informed the Anadol agency that four ethnic Turks – Citizens of Bulgaria, several more people, including Turkey citizens, were injured in a four -story building, they were injured.

The Consul General of Turkey in Dusseldorf Ali Ihosan Evbul and other officials closely monitor the development of events from the day of the incident, the dipstyers noted.

31 years after the tragedy in Zolingen and against the background of the growth of xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe, Turkey expects to clarify the circumstances of the fire in Zolingen and hold the perpetrators accountable, emphasized in the message.

Turkish Ambassador to Berlin Ahmet Bashar Shen will visit the wounded in the hospital today, sources noted.

On the eve of the Federal Republic of Germany, they reported that they do not exclude the version of the arson of the house in Zolingen.

As a result of a fire that broke out in a 4-story building in Zolingen in Germany on the night of March 25, four people from the same family were killed, including two children, nine more were injured.

-tragedy in Zolingen

On May 29, 1993, a group of extremists set fire to the House of Ethnic Turks in the city of Zolingen in the federal land North Rhine-Westphalia. As a result, five members of the same family were killed: Gyursun Indgea (28), Hatje Gench (19), Gulistan Oztyurk (12), Khulia (9) and Salim Gench (5).

The crime of Marcus Gartman, Felix Kennen, Christian Recher and Christian Bucolz served the sentence and are at large. They continue to live in Germany under other names.