Ankara: meeting was held with FRG ambassador after an attack on Turkish Consulate General in Hanover

After the attack of supporters of the terrorist organization of the RSC, meetings of Turkish diplomats with representatives of local authorities and the Federal Republic of Germany to Ankara Yurgen Schults were held on the building of the Consulate General of Turkey in Hanover.

According to information from diplomatic sources, Turkish diplomats after an attack on the Hennover Gannover building held meetings with representatives of local authorities.

Today, March 27, in Ankara, a meeting was held with the Ambassador of Yurgen Schulz.

Sources reported that the relevant contacts will also be held in the capital of Germany Berlin.

On the night of March 27, 12 supporters of the terrorist organization of the RKK arranged a procession in German Hanover. During the action, the participants attacked the building of the Turkish Consulate General and tried to break the windows of the building with hard objects.

The attackers immediately disappeared, breaking the glass at the main entrance to the Consulate General.