Ankara: World Cup finals 2024 in modern pentathlon

In the capital of Turkey, Ankara is the World Cup final for modern pentathlon, which is simultaneously the stage of the Olympic qualification in Paris-2024.

The event organized in the equestrian club of Ankara and the Yenimakhalle sports complex began with competitions in fencing.

For quotas for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, 36 athletes and 36 athletes will fight.

The best five -collar who scored high points at the stages of the World Cup in Egypt, Turkey, Hungary and Bulgaria will compete in disciplines such as fencing, horse -drawn sport, swimming, running and shooting.

In the final, Turkey will be represented by Ilka Ozuksel, Ipek Akshin, Buger Unal and Yunus Chalyshkan. Yaren Calender and Furkan Murat will perform in the mixed relay of the finale.