Another Russian billionaire died under strange circumstances

In India, the chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir Region of the Russian Federation on agrarian policy, nature management and ecology, Pavel Antov, died. This is stated in the message on the website of the Legislative Assembly.

Antov on December 22 turned 65 years old. The cause of death is not specified in the statement. He died as a result of “tragic circumstances”, wrote in the Telegram channel the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vyacheslav Kartukhin.

The Indian NDTV television channel announced the death of a Russian tourist – he called him “Pavel Antom”, age coincides with the age of the deputy. According to NDTV, this happened in a hotel in the district of Rayagada in the Indian state of Odisha in the east of the country. The circumstances of the death indicate suicide, a senior police officer, whose name NDTV did not name, told the television channel.

On December 22, the same hotel was also found by Vladimir Bidenov, a member of the same tourist group of four Russians, which included Pavel Antom, says the channel. Antom was depressed after the death of his friend, the NDTV source said in the police. He stated that law enforcement officers do not exclude any versions in the investigation of death – including an accidental fall from the terrace. The NDTV did not report who and what was the name of two more members of the tourist group. His source noted that the Russians were asked to stay in place and cooperate with the investigation.

The Vladimir TV channel Zebra TV called the second deceased Vladimir Bydanov-a 61-year-old entrepreneur from Yoshkar-Ola and a friend of Antov. “Vladimir Bydanov was found dead in the same hotel on December 22 (on this day, Antov turned 65 years old – ed.). Bydanov was found unconscious in his room on the ground floor of the hotel, next to him there were several empty bottles of wine. When His [Bydanova] was taken to the hospital, doctors stated death, ”the television channel notes.

The police do not exclude the version of the unnatural death of Antov, indicated “Zebra TV”.

Russia’s Genconsul in Calcutt, Alexei Idamkin told the Russian media that the Odisha police and the Consulate General did not see anything suspicious of the death of two Russians. He noted that the police completed the investigation in the case of the first deceased, his body was cremated. Idamkin did not name the causes of death.

Pavel Antov is the founder of the Meat Company “Vladimir Standard”. In 2019, he took first place in the ranking of the richest civil servants and deputies of Russia according to Forbes with an income of 9.97 billion rubles (for 2018). In 2020, Antov sank to 26th place with a total family income of 558 million rubles.