Another senior officer died in Iran

A few days after the murder of the officer of the Al-KudS unit, Colonel Hassan Sayyada, in Tehran, another officer of the unit of 840 of the Islamic Revolution Guardians.

“Israeli News” write that a certain Ali Ismailzade fell from the roof of his house in Karaj, in the northern suburbs of Tehran. He was taken to the hospital, but they already announced death there. Officials informed his family that he committed suicide because of psychological problems after breaking with his wife and that he left a dying note.

At the same time, the Iranian Iran International’s Iranian site writes that, according to their sources, after the death of a petition, they suspected that Ismailzade “merges” the information from the al-Kuds detachment. Moreover, he was close to the deceased Swear.

The publication claims that the intelligence of the KSIR, suspecting Ismailzade, decided to physically eliminate it, resorting to a staging of suicide.