Another success of STP Global Cable

STP Global Cable, a subsidiary of STP LLC, has reached new success in the development of industry in Azerbaijan and an increase in export potential. Thus, it is already possible to sell cables with a voltage of 6/10 kV and 20.3 / 35 kV Na2xSy brand produced by STP Global Cable in the European Economic Zone.

To achieve this, the company sent the aforementioned brands of cables to the appropriate laboratory (Notified Body) in the European Union for testing, where the products have successfully passed the test.

Products fully comply with the EU requirements CPR (European Union Construction Products Regulation). This allowed the company to supply their products to the European market under CE Marking.

Recall, STP Global Cable has been created last year on the basis of STP cable and electrical equipment factories. The company offers consumers cables of various types and destination, cable channels, terminals, electrical products.

The possibility of producing 500 kV cables STP Global Cable is the only one in the region and one of the six manufacturers in the world.