Antalya completed evacuation of cabs after funicular accident

The evacuation of the cabs of the funicular in the Konjaal region in Turkish Antalya, which hovered in the air, was completed, where on Friday, April 12, an accident occurred.

As a result of an accident with a funicular in the Konyalta area in Turkish Antalya, one died, 7 people were injured, including two children.

Part of the funicular support on the territory of the cable lift of the tunetep broke and hit one of the booths, destroying its floor, the people who were inside fell on the rocky site.

Rescue work was carried out in coordination with the Office for the Elimination of the Consequences of Natural Disasters and Emergencies of Turkey (AFAD). Staff of 500 people, as well as 7 helicopters, 87 units of equipment were involved.

Rescue work continued 22.5 hours, after which it was possible to evacuate all 24 cabins.

AFAD commands will stop rescue operations after checking all cabs using a drone.