Anthony Biginen: USA bring Ukraine closer to NATO

The United States will bring Ukraine closer to NATO and subsequently introduce it to the Alliance.

This was announced in Kyiv by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

According to him, the Western allies of Kyiv should take another important step – to force Russia to pay for the restoration and reconstruction of Ukraine.

“What Putin has destroyed, Russia must and is obliged to restore. This is required by international law. This is what the Ukrainian people deserve. Our Congress gave us the right to arrest Russian assets in the United States. We intend to use them,” Blinken noted .

According to him, every month, joint work brings Ukraine closer to membership in the European Union and NATO. Every month, Ukraine signs more and more bilateral security agreements, increases its military-industrial base, produces more and more modern weapons, strengthens its economy, strengthens democracy.

“While the war is on, Russia is returning to the past. Ukraine is moving forward,” the US Secretary of State emphasized.