Anti -Turkish provocations continue in West

The article about Turkey and its President Recep Tyipa Erdogan in the British newspaper The Guardian is unacceptable and “is” the nonsense of the immoral reporter. ” Such a statement was made by the deputy head of the ruling party of justice and development of Numan Kurtulmush on his page on Twitter.

The guardian’da ülkemiz ve cumhurbaşkanımız sayın recep Tayyip erdoğan hakkckında yayınlan yazı; gazetecilik ve diplomasi ilkelerini çiğneyen, nefret esaslı ahlaksız bir tetikçi “muhabir”in hezeyanlarıdır.

– Numan KURTULMUŞ (@NumanKurtulmus) February 5, 2023

“Article published in The Guardian about our country and our president is the nonsense of the hate of the immoral” reporter ” – a provocator that violates the principles of journalism and diplomacy. We decisively condemn and reject these anti -democratic statements and calls, The A Guardian appeared after The Economist, Stern, Bloomberg and Foreign Policy. This is unacceptable, ”he wrote.

The Economist, Stern, Bloomberg, Foreign Policy’nin Ardından The Guardian’da Türkiye Ve Cumhurbaşkanımız Erdoğan Hakkcki Antidemokratik ifade Ve çağrılar Aslalar Aslalar Aslalar Aslar Aslalar Reguel -ılar Aslalar Regoular Aslalar Aslalar Regyılarılas -ılar Aslahılaarılaar stock -ıla -stocklyarılarılar islaris Şiddetle kınıyor, reddediyoruz.

– Numan KURTULMUŞ (@NumanKurtulmus) February 5, 2023

Kurtulmush noted that “Turkey does everything correctly, since it is attacked by this two -faced approach from Europe and the West, which are covered by anti -Islamic sentiments and use the language of terrorist organizations.” “Continue to be afraid of Turkey,” he said.

On Sunday, the article by the observer Simon Tisdal about Turkey and Erdogan was published in The Guardian. It expressed the idea that the Turkish leader ceased to be a friend of the West and NATO, is interested in the split of the alliance and, possibly, deserves to be punished for his actions.