Appetites of deputy of Tolstoy: Ukraine, Belarus will join Russia, “and then – let’s see”

Ukraine and Ukrainians “will return home, to Russia, to Great Russia,” said Peter Tolstoy, vice speaker of the State Duma. He also admits that Little Russia, Novorossia and Belarus will join us. ” Tolstoy said this, speaking to MGIMO students, reports Daily Storm.

“Kherson and Zaporozhye is the first step. The rest of the liberated regions of Ukraine will also have such an opportunity. No special, individual states, I think, will not be, because it is simply impossible,” Tolstoy believes.


The Russian parliamentarian wants to not create “some other anti-Russia in Ukraine. “Historically, it seems to me that both Ukraine and the Ukrainians will return home to Russia, to Great Russia. And, accordingly, Little Russia and Novorossia will join us with Belarus … And then we will see,” said the vice speaker State Duma.

Tolstoy also believes that the separatist education South Ossetia will be part of Russia. He said that South Ossetia wants to unite with North Ossetia. It is necessary to correctly formulate from a legal point of view a possible issue for a referendum on this topic, he believes. “We cannot unite with a part of the Russian Federation, it is possible only with the entire Russian Federation, and only then, within the Russian Federation, to unite in a separate republic. I am sure that it will be so,” the Russian parliamentarian says.