Arabs opposed Iran

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ben Salman stated that the country seriously belongs to the decision of the Iranian nuclear program and its consequences for stability in the region transmits Al Arabiyya.

The Kingdom emphasizes the importance of a serious and effective solution to Iranian nuclear and missile programs in such a way that it contributes to the achievement of regional and international security, “said the hereditary prince at the annual summit of the Persian Gulf countries.

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Prince Faisal Bin Farchhan also mentioned negotiations in Vienna to resume the canceled “nuclear transaction” with Iran, stating that Tehran has a “adamant position.”

“We want a good relationship with Iran, and it depends on the” nuclear transaction, “the minister said.

He also stressed that the countries of the Persian Gulf carefully follow the progress of the Viennese negotiations and confirmed the position of the states of the region.

The participants of the summit also condemned the activities of Iran, in particular its support for the Yemensky militia-Husites and other Shiite groups in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

“The countries of the Persian Gulf have long announced that Iran needs to stop its destabilizing activities in the region, refuse the financial and military support of the militia in the Middle East,” says the joint text of the Summit member countries.