Araik is unhappy: “Azerbaijanis are watching me, they even know when I leave office”

Araik Harutyunyan, the head of the separatist regime operating in the territories of Azerbaijan, temporarily controlled by Russian peacekeeping forces, complains that Azerbaijanis monitor his every step.

Harutyunyan announced this on June 30, speaking at the so-called “parliamentary meeting” in Hangkendi, which discussed the “scandalous” statement of the Prime Minister of Armenia Pashinyan that, according to the terms of a tripartite agreement, Lachins, as well as the village of Zabukh and also SUS must go under the control of Azerbaijan.

Recall that the issue of eviction of Armenians from Lachin and other settlements along the Lachinsky corridor will become relevant only after the commissioning of an alternative road, the construction of which is provided for by the terms of the tripartite agreement of November 10, 2020.

In this regard, the “deputy” David Balstyan asked Harutyunyan if the Armenian side had the opportunity not to fulfill the clause of Lacina.

“In principle, you can refuse to perform, but the consequences should also be taken into account, – Harutyunyan answered.“ I am also against leaving Lachin, but we need to think about the fate of thousands of our people. Unfortunately, there is such a treacherous network that Azerbaijani has been operating here They even know when I leave my office and arrive in parliament. “

I would like to note in this regard that the Azerbaijani side was fully aware of everything that happened in the occupied territories, even before the beginning of a 44-day war. In Baku, it is also known about the “spies hunting”, as well as about a series of arrests of “agents working with Azerbaijani special services” that began in Armenia after the war.

As for the personality of Araik Harutyunyan, to monitor this caricature character, Azerbaijan does not need an extensive spy network – this can be done from the window of any home in a shusha using ordinary binoculars.