Araz Agalarov reached Kamchatka

The Crocus Group company received the right to complete the long-suffering hospital in Kamchatka, the completion date of which has been postponed more than once. Completion of the construction will cost 8.4 billion rubles. Moreover, 6.9 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget of Russia for this, and regional authorities will invest 1.5 billion, Russian media report.

The developer says that at the first stage it is planned to put into operation the medical and ward buildings, as well as engineering structures that will ensure the independent functioning of the medical block.

The second stage includes the construction of four hospital buildings – a polyclinic, wards, pathological anatomy and an auxiliary building.

Construction began in 2013, and there was no end in sight. The area of ​​the hospital was designed for 150 visits per shift, and for 450 beds. A medical institution of this scale is more than 63 thousand square meters, and the total area with its further development will be more than 40 hectares.

The tasty order was intercepted by the company of a Russian businessman, Azerbaijani by origin, Araz Iskender oglu Agalarov. He is ranked 55th on the Forbes’ list of dollar billionaires in Russia. He owns the Crocus Expo exhibition center, Crocus City Hall, shopping and entertainment centers under the Vegas brand. One of Agalarov’s companies has already received an order for the construction of Elizovo airport in Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky.

The achievement of heights by the Agalarov family in the field of show business is well known. The son of a businessman, Emin, is a very wealthy man, clearly visible in the post-Soviet space. The organizer of the “Heat” festival in Baku, he is a welcome guest of the Latvian pop diva Laima Vaikule and her festival in Jurmala Laima. Randevu.

Smart businessmen don’t put eggs in one basket. And during a pandemic, you need to invest not in sagging show business, but in medicine. This business will definitely not let you down.