Armenia: commander, whose soldiers are sitting in a Baku prison

On the trial in Baku in the case of Armenian military personnel, captured after the completion of the Second Karabakh war, responding to the issue of the state binding, Armenian soldiers in unison repeated the name of one person – Lieutenant Colonel Arsena Cossaryan. It was according to his order, the Armenian servicemen entered the territory of the liberated, according to the three-sided Moscow agreement, the KhojaVan district.

Investigative Committee of Armenia accused Lieutenant Colonel Arsen Cossaryan in captivity of Armenian soldiers. A few hours ago, the lieutenant colonel was arrested. It is reported by the press service of the Investigative Committee of Armenia.

In particular, he is accused of violating the rules of martial duty or military service (part 3 of Article 365), a negligence relation to the service (part 3 of Article 376), self-only resignation of the battlefield or refusal to act weapons (part 1 of Article 380), Unauthorized leaving of the military unit or service site (part 7 of article 361), receipt of a bribe (part 1 of article 311).