Armenia filed a lawsuit against Azerbaijan

Armenia initiated a trial with Azerbaijan at the UN International Court in accordance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. This was reported by the press service of the Instance.

In a lawsuit, subject to the Armenian side, it was noted that “Azerbaijan for decades exposed Armenia racial discrimination”, which was expressed, including “in mass murders, torture and other violations.”

They say arrogance – second happiness. And throughout our life, living side by side with such a neighbor, we were convinced of the immutability of the new inexorable adoption – arrogance, besides, and great Armenian happiness. It was necessary to gain arrogance to the state, which for 30 years held a policy of occupation and ethnic cleansing, mass extermination of Azerbaijanis to submit on the same Azerbaijanis to court. The Government of Armenia, its arrogance and stupidity, provoked an interesting international trial. Simply, Azerbaijan, it is necessary to apply with the countercading claim and tell in court about the 30 years of the occupation and extermination of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh …

Armenian myths and fairy tales will be the subject of the International Court.

By the way about fairy tales. And about racial discrimination and ethnographic activity of lawyers suspecting Hans-Christian Andersen the presence of Armenian roots.

This is the very case when the Great Dane has an iron alibi – Andersen, what is called, by default there can be no descendant of ancient Armenians, because in his fairy tales people believe to this day …