Armenia is preparing to sign documents for railway communication with Azerbaijan

The Armenia government hopes to sign documents of customs and border control with Baku and Tehran in the near future as a result of ongoing negotiations on the resumption of railways to Azerbaijan and Iran.

At a meeting of the government on February 17, it was stated that the executive branch had reformulated the North-South project, turning it into North-South/ East-West or Armenian Crossroads. The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan expressed the hope that the project would be implemented at a quick pace. He also noted that in the near future it is expected to sign a document on the resumption of the work of the Erash-Julf-Migri-Goradiz.

In response to a request from Radio Azatutyun, which document is in question, in the apparatus of Deputy Prime Minister Mger Grigoryan, some details reported today: “When it comes to regional infrastructure, it is obvious that due to its further operation, relations should be resolved With neighboring countries, which, in turn, join this infrastructure with their infrastructure. In this case, it is the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Azerbaijani Republic. Accordingly, all issues regarding customs and border control, which are currently not regulated between the parties, are subject to resolving Naturally, in parallel with construction work, plans and work schedule must be regulated to fully use the infrastructure. At the moment, no document has been signed yet, but we hope that such a document will be agreed and signed in the near future. “

The Armenian Deputy Prime Minister also told in detail what work was currently done on the Armenian side to restore the Armenian-Azerbaijani railway and automobile communication.

“by the decision of the Prime Minister of January 14, 2022, to effective implementation of the Railway section of the railway from the Erash to the Azerbaijan Republic and the Megrinsky section, a working group was created, headed by Prime Minister Artashes Tumanyan. Based on the proposal of the above working group, Fund The Armenian National Architectural and Construction University carried out engineering and geodetic and instrumental studies of the Armenian sites of the indicated railway infrastructure. At the moment, the laboratory work of the Fund has been completed, the relevant reports have been prepared to the working group and to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures, ”the said in Reply.