Armenia: it is believed that Moscow failed adoption of UN Council of Application on Lachinsky Road

Due to the position of Russia, the adoption of the Chairman of the UN Security Council, following an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council on the Lachinsky corridor, writes, writes the Armenian publication Factor with reference to its diplomatic sources.

“Within several days, negotiations were conducted and the text of the statement of the chairman of the UN SB on the situation on the Lachinsky road proposed by France was discussed. As a result of long negotiations, it was possible to obtain the text of the statement agreed by the members of the UN Security Council. On the eve of some formulations in the text, Albania and the UAE did not agree in the text, But in the end they agreed and they.

However, the Russian Federation, in fact, failed the adoption of the application, proposing at the last moment a number of new changes in the text, perfectly realizing that they will not be accepted by other members, which happened, ”the publication notes.