Armenia ordered weapons from India for $ 245 million

Two months ago, India received from Armenia an order for missiles, reactive shells and ammunition in the amount of 245 million US dollars, writes Indian press.

In early September, several agreements were signed between the two countries between the governments. Armenia signed an agreement on the purchase of a Pinak multi -barrel missile installation (MBRL) along with other systems. The supply of Pinak missiles to Armenia is part of the export package of new weapons and gunpowder in the amount of $ 245 million. The Armenian army has currently placed an order for six additional Pinaka complexes. As part of the transaction, India will also put a number of anti -tank missiles and ammunition in Armenia, ”the publication says.

It is noted that this is not the first case of the export of weapons from India to Armenia. Earlier in 2020, India set four radars for detecting weapons Swati (WLR). These radars developed for the Indian army are used to track enemy artillery shells, mortars and missiles.