Armenia was included in “black list” USA

Agency for Combating Financial Crimes (Fincen) and the US Department of Industry and Security of the US Department of Finance (BIS) included Armenia among the countries through which the goods falling under US sanctions can be exported to Russia and Belarus.

“BIS determined several general points of the transshipment, through which, as you know, limited or controlled export passes before it reaches its destination in Russia or Belarus. These points include, but are not limited: Armenia, Brazil, China, Georgia, Georgia, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwanem, Tajikistan, Turkey, united Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan.

In some cases, controlled goods can be legally exported to these and other jurisdictions as raw materials for the production of other finished products. However, further exports to Russia or Belarus of these finished products and goods, possibly, at the expense of additional transshipment points, can be prohibited. Recent export control and restrictions on Russia and Belarus can lead to changes in historical schemes of transshipment, and BIS actively monitors the relevant information, including BSA reports (Banking Secret Law), to identify any such changes. Thus, the list does not include all potential transshipment points, but can provide assistance in verifying the export of financial transactions based on risks, ”the statement by Fincen and the Bureau of the US Department of Trade said.