Armenian Armenian again committed military provocation on border with Azerbaijan

Units of the Armed Forces from 23:20 January 11 to 05:10 January 12, from the standpoints located in the settlements of Yuhara Schorochi Basarkechacha district, fired from small arms and large-caliber machine guns. Surna, Muganjig Shamschaddinsky district, were located in the direction of the village of Chinarla, Muganjig, the positions of the Azerbaijani army were fired in the direction of Monguuglu, Agbulag, Gosh, Kohanabi and Asric Jyrdahan Tovuz district.

It is noted that the discharge without much the foundations of Armenia of the situation along the border of two states in violation of the obligations assumed is a targeted military provocation and adventure.

In all cases, the divisions of the Azerbaijani army were given an adequate and proportionate response, the military department of Azerbaijan was announced.

also in the report notes that in the ranks of the Azerbaijani army, there are no losses among personal composition and military equipment. Currently, relative calm is maintained in these directions. The situation is under the control of the divisions of the Azerbaijani army.

Due to the fact that the possibility of repetition by Armenia deliberate attempts to exacerbate the situation along the state border of the two countries, the divisions of the Azerbaijani army in reinforced mode are protected by the territories and security of the boundaries of Azerbaijan, it is said in the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan