Armenian opposition issues an ultimatum to Pashinyan

Demonstrators who blocked the entrances to the building of the Armenian parliament are ready to unblock them if Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan arrives at the legislative body to announce his resignation and the upcoming early parliamentary elections, one of the organizers of the protest rally Ishkhan Saghatelyan told reporters, RIA reports. News.

Earlier, protesters demanding Pashinyan’s resignation blocked the entrances to the parliament building both from Baghramyan Avenue and Demirchyan Street, and set up additional tents there.

According to Saghatelyan, the prime minister does not need to sign a memorandum with the parliamentary opposition to call early elections, since his “My Step” faction has a majority in parliament.

“He has a political majority. He wants to hold elections? Right now I declare, let him come to the National Assembly tomorrow by 12.00, resign and appoint elections. If he comes with this agenda, we will open the way. But he will not come, this is (the agenda for early elections – ed.) is another lie, “Saghatelyan told reporters.

He added that the protesters will remain in the tent camp outside the parliament building until their demands are met.