Armenian politicians revise their attitude to Turkey

If there will be any negotiations, discussions and processes between Armenia and Turkey, the Armenian authorities will never hide them from society, the head of the Prime Minister of Arsen Torosyan Prime Minister said in an interview with Sputnik Armenia.

According to Torosyan, discussion as part of the relationship between Armenia with neighbors and on security issues occur in the general context of reforms: “The Prime Minister has repeatedly said that the armed forces need reforms. It is necessary to make them more mobile, flexible capable of making them Occasionally solve the tasks. And this is one of our priorities. At the same time, it is necessary to state that ensuring the security of the country is not only the strengthening of the armed forces, there are other components. “

The head of Pashinian apparatus recalled that there are currently non-public meeting in the three-way format of Russia-Azerbaijan-Armenia at the working group level, unlocking communications is being considered – this is a working process that follows from a joint statement of November 10.

“Our approaches to regional issues, as well as the approaches of other countries in the region to us – this is a dynamically changing process. And we need to work so that our interests are not infrigious,” said Torosyan.

According to the head of the apparatus, in the concept of National Security of Armenia, where Turkey is indicated as one of the sources of the threat, nothing has changed. But this does not mean that Armenia should not think about unlocking communications to ensure long-term development. The Armenian politician recalled that, for example, in the US military doctrine, China is among the main threats that it does not prevent countries to develop close economic and trade relations.

Sputnik Armenia writes that recently the discussion around the Turkish theme has been activated after several statements of the authorities. First, Prime Minister Nicol Pashinyan said that it was necessary to form in the region a favorable atmosphere around Armenia, and “for this we must change their point of view regarding the region.” A few days later, the secretary of the Security Council of Armen Grigoryan in an interview with public television, answering the question of the lead, whether Turkey is hostile to Armenia, said that “we must make some adjustments in our approaches.”