Armenian President stated that Yerevan did not wait for help from Russia

Russia and the states – members of the Collective Security Organization (CSTO) in September 2022 after the clashes between the Armed Forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan “had to provide military assistance to Armenia, also expected political statements in the country, but neither one nor the other yet It happened, ”said Alaris Alaris President Alair Karis, President of Armenia Vaagn Khachaturian in Tallinn. His words are given by Interfax.

“Armenian -Russian relations are at a strategic level, and Russia is a guarantor of Armenia’s security, but, unfortunately, we have had problems recently, especially after the events of September 13 …,” said Armenia President

According to Khachaturian, Yerevan also expected political statements, however, “neither one nor the other has yet happened. Of course, in fairness it should be noted that Russia also participated in the negotiations on the termination of hostilities, but the US Secretary of State Blinken, but the Secretary of State, France President Macron and the head of the European Union parliament Charles Michelle also took an active part in them. “

Answering the question about the situation on the Lachinsky road, the President of Armenia noted that “the Russian side does not want to use force, they are trying to solve the issue through negotiations.”