Armenians again made a mistake: soldier was not killed by Azerbaijani, but Armenian

In Armenia, on the eve of one of the combat positions in the northeast direction of the border with Azerbaijan, the body of the Armenian Soldier-conscript Surena Avetisyan was found with a gunshot wound in the head of the head, reported Armenian media.

According to information, on a combat position in the village of Tavush, the body of an ordinary Suren Avetisyan with a gunshot wound in the head of the head was found.

and today it became known that in a criminal case initiated by the death of Surena Avetisyan, his colleague was detained. According to the preliminary data of the Investigative Committee, Suren Avetisyan received a deadly gunshot wound in the head as a result of a violation of the array of arms handling rules. The latter is detained.